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Bars of Ivy: The College Admissions Scandal Musical is a fresh, new musical inspired by the 2019 college admissions scandal, which follows Ivy McKenna, a high school senior who gets caught up in the scandal, and faces the consequences for a crime she didn't commit. Ivy learns the power of friendship, loyalty, and truth as she is forced to accept events out of her control. 

BARS OF IVY began in January of 2021 when Casey Lyons was watching a video about the notorious 2019 College Admissions Scandal. As he watched the children of famous actors and business people, Casey thought "How crushing would it be if your parents cheated to get you into college, and you didn't know?". He wrote a song about this notion, and presented it to Caroline Miller. She was intrigued and they began the process of writing the show.

After a few months, they got some of their friends together to hold a reading. This wasn't the first time they had produced a musical with their friends...Limelight in 2019 sold out two performances at Theater Wit in Chicago, raising $3,000 for Saving tiny Hearts Society!

Once their friends signed on, Casey and Caroline booked the Gorton Center theatre in Lake Forest, IL, and rehearsed for two months with their new cast.

In July 2021, Casey and Caroline raised $6,000 for Saving tiny Hearts Society with the proceeds from two performances.

But that is only the beginning...Casey and Caroline are working to get Bars of Ivy developed and performed further!

2022 is the year of Bars of Ivy. Buckle your seatbelts and join us on our journey!